What Happens After Your VIPKID Mock Class?

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What happens after your VIPKID Mock Class?

If you have reached this page by accident and need to know what happens BEFORE your VIPKID Mock Class, visit our previous post: How to Make Money While Traveling

It was a question that had been haunting me as I prepared for my mock class. I was completely petrified. I knew I had to pass my mock class in order to become a VIPKID teacher, but then what?

Apparently, there are three paths after your VIPKID mock class:

  1. Begin Teaching
  2. Mock Two
  3. Kick Off Meeting

Let’s break each one into its own unit to stay organized. Is my OCD showing?

after your VIPKID mock class

After your VIPKID mock class, you will receive a rubric via email with your strengths and weaknesses listed. This will all be based on how you performed/taught the mock class lesson. I was completely blessed by Tiwanna, my VIPKID mentor. She encouraged me a great deal and let me know during the mock class how she felt I had done. I had no surprises in my rubric.

Begin Teaching!

You may be able to start teaching after your VIPKID mock class. This is obviously ideal! This was the case for me. I didn’t use anyone’s referral link and had no connections to the company at all. I was sure this would hurt me. My research had indicated that sometimes it is better to apply using a link. It’s like getting a fast pass and showing the company that you know someone on the inside. By the way, click here to apply using my link, if you haven’t already. If you’ve already applied you can send an email to the company with my code: 09DJAM.

Mock Two

This is exactly what it sounds like- a second go’ round! After your VIPKID mock class, you may be given a new lesson to teach based on the strengths listed in your rubric. This is like a second chance to convince the company you are the best candidate for the job.

Remember when we talked about levels in How to Make Money While Traveling? Because I skipped Mock Two, my mentor and the company decided which levels would be best for me to teach. After your VIPKID mock class two, the same sort of thing happens. Based on how you perform/teach, the company will assign you to levels. These will be the levels parents can book you to teach! Although I can teach levels 2-6, the levels I teach the most of are levels 2 and 4; let’s hope you get certified for those levels!

Let’s say that after your VIPKID mock class two, you don’t pass. Hold back those tears and dance like a Queen, because you may still have an opportunity to complete the Kick-Off Meeting! Fingers crossed and prayers lifted, y’all!

after your VIPKID mock class

Kick Off Meeting

You may be offered the Kick-Off Meeting after your VIPKID mock class. Here’s what it’s all about! You have the option to skip Mock 2 and complete the Kick-Off Meeting instead, which I highly suggest and will tell you why in a bit.

You will need to attend a two-hour workshop with 9 other applicant teachers and one lead teacher. In this workshop, your questions will be answered and you’ll have the opportunity to meet other teachers. After the workshop is completed, EVERY applicant teacher gets hired by VIPKID. That’s right! Here’s the catch. You will need to teach 5 Trial Classes before moving onto teaching Major Courses.

What are the trial classes?

Trial classes are lessons/classes given to students who are not yet official VIPKIDs. They and their parents are scoping out the company to see if it’s right for their child. For many of these students, you are the face of VIPKID; you’re the very first person they see! If the child you are teaching converts into a VIPKID after your class, you’ll get a $5 incentive, plus your base pay and bonuses. If they don’t, you just get your base pay and bonuses. If your trial student doesn’t show up to class, you get paid half of your base pay instead of walking away empty handed.

What are the major courses?

Major courses are lessons/classes taught to regular VIPKIDs, as in they are in the program and can book you as long as you are certified to teach the level they are in. You are most likely not the first VIPKID teacher they’ve seen and so, you want to do your best and cater to the student in order to get booked again by the family. If a Major Course student does not show up to class, you will get paid your full base pay.

After your vipkid mock class, You’ll have a Decision to Make

So, it’s after your VIPKID mock class and you have to choose between completing the Mock 2 or the Kick-Off Meeting. What do you do?

I highly suggest completing the Kick-Off Meeting, since there is a greater chance you will get hired. If you are applying the notes from your mock class and know you’re going to smash it in Mock 2, then go with that!

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Let me know in the comments what you decided to do after your mock class!

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