Change Your Perspective | Travel Tip Tuesday

Your friends will thank you!

Hello, Hello, my name is Jenny and welcome back to Travel Tip Tuesday. If you’re new, consider checking out the last two segments here and here. Travel Tip Tuesday is a weekly segment where I share a tip on what I do to claim victory over anxiety. This week, we’re swapping out the negative with the positive. Let’s change your perspective.

As an option, you can take that list from last week. If you’re new, last week we made a list of the things that scare us and decided to call them things we will surrender. Mine were

  1. Fear of the Unknown
  2. Fear of Death
  3. Fear of Being Forgotten

But for this exercise, I’m going to use a different negative thought: “What if this plane crashes?”

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why did you write this down?
  2. Can you pin point the root of your fear, as in when and where did it originate?
  3. What experience can you attach to it?

Now, let’s begin swapping the negative with positive actions and thoughts. Change your perspective. 

When you change your perspective changes your experience.  With very little research, I found that there are thousands of flights crisscrossing the country at any given time of day… they all take off and land with ease. Plus, pilots and flight attendants have families, too, and wouldn’t put themselves in danger if they knew the plane was going to crash. Talk to frequent fliers and get their positive stories. It’s okay to be scared but it’s not okay to have your fear control you. It’s all perspective.

Now it’s your turn. What negative are you swapping for a positive? Comment below.

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