Fourth of July in the Bahamas

Your friends will thank you!

The Fourth of July is the most patriotic holiday for Americans, so we decided to go exploring outside the country, to see how our Caribbean Neighbors felt about the holiday. It turns out Bahamians celebrate their Independence Day only a few days after we do. Theirs is on July 11, so they’re a bit preoccupied preparing for their own day of glory! Not to say that some don’t sport their red, white, and blue on July 4, but we know their hearts bleed blue, yellow and black.

Fourth of July in the Bahamas

On to the review!

We stayed at the Super Clubs Breezes Resort and Spa for the Fourth of July in the Bahamas, which is an all-inclusive resort. That was certainly something new for us. Walking around with only a wristband and no wallet was liberating! We arrived very early on our first of five days, so our luggage was set in the open-air lobby until our room became available at around 3 p.m.

Although this resort claims to be an adult-only joint, they do allow anyone 14 or older to stay. With the legal drinking age in the Bahamas being 18, we were not surprised to see stammering, pre-frat bros and sorority girls. We had read reviews warning of the children who would be drunk and cheering in synchronized fashion as they downed another limoncello shot minute by minute, but we did not expect to also see them glued to the bar, eyes watering and mouths gaping hour upon hour, hoping to get obliterated and be able to tell all of their friends back home how “totally wasted they got and how they partied” during their own Fourth of July in the Bahamas. It was honestly very disheartening and sad to see, and not just because it was an inconvenience for all of the other resort guests who just wanted to take it easy and relax. 

The resort itself faces North giving you both a sunrise and a sunset. We opted for an ocean-view room, instead of an ocean-front room. The beach itself is much roomier and more spread out than the “fancy” Baha Mar just down the way, which features side-by-side & back-to-back beach chairs every few feet. Baha Mar, although cleaner in appearance, reeks of Las Vegas-style casino smoke. We were happy to be in our simple, Breezes, even if teenagers frolicked from bar to bar.

Fourth of July in the Bahamas

There was one spot that we found ourselves most nights. The Pelican Bar (25+) had a totally different vibe. It featured a pianist and dim lighting, creating a great ambiance. Anyone who wanted one was given a songbook of tunes of which the pianist played and guests sang to. It is the best place to meet friends from all over the world – but realistically, more than most were American. I guess we all had the same idea to spend the Fourth of July in the Bahamas- outside the motherland.

Fourth of July in the Bahamas

The food at all three of the main restaurants was fantastic and each one so different from the others. Martino’s is an Italian-style restaurant where we enjoyed linguine and tiramisu, as well as their antipasto station. Eden & Garden of Eden is more relaxed with beautiful banquettes for two. Very romantic! It being a 5-course meal, we tried as much as we could. I’m almost positive I gained 80 pounds here. The last A La Carte option is called Munasan, as Asian cuisine where we had sushi and noodles at a casual booth. Even the buffet, titled the Banana Boat, was decent and is open most of the day. For all, but the Banana Boat, guests must be over 25 or accompanied by someone over 25. It is also on a rotation sequence, meaning get there at least 10 minutes before they open. If you miss the first sequence, you’ll be waiting at least an hour before they open the doors again to the second crowd.  

If you are looking to go to sleep before midnight, this isn’t the place for you (due to the paper-thin walls and loud music from the main center lobby). BUT, if you are looking for a place to relax during the day and go dancing to a great live band at night, this is a great place for you. In the mornings, it’s a different scene, totally peaceful and quiet until about 11 a.m. So, you’ll have plenty of time to sleep in after a night out. Just make sure you check the calendar to make sure you pick a time that the teens are in school. 

This won’t be at the top of our list to go back to, but I still recommend a visit if you’re looking for a place that is truly all-inclusive and if you’re looking for a great view. Have you been to an all-inclusive resort? Which one should we try next?

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