I Renewed my VIPKID Contract

Your friends will thank you!

Every 6 months, teachers are either kindly ushered out of the system or asked to renew and sign their contract. Most of the time this depends on parent feedback, the number of times a teacher has canceled a class or not shown up, and a teacher’s overall quality. When my first 6 months were up and I was offered a new contract, I hesitated. Did I want to continue doing this? After a lot of thinking, I decided to continue. Here’s why I renewed my VIPKID contract.

Because it is the first time I am renewing my contract, I wasn’t offered any kind of raise; so, money wasn’t why I renewed my VIPKID contract. I’m not in love with the hours I teach (so early or so late); again, not why I renewed my VIPKID contract.

I renewed my VIPKID contract because of the students. It’s a cheesy, cliché answer, but it is the truth. I have made some beautiful connections with parents and students alike. I’d like to tell you the story of one little girl who I will name Mary.

Mary is a sweet, eager student who tells me about how she wants me to visit her in China. From our very first class, I could tell she was special. Mary is the only student who calls me by my name and not just “Teacher.” Before our class starts, she rehearses the questions she wants to ask me; I keep my camera off until the start time, but she doesn’t. Mary keeps her camera on, so I watch her as she asks Siri how to properly state her question to me. I watch as she studies and practices her English right before class. We play from miles away with the many props in my classroom. Her mother sends me videos and audio of Mary outside the classroom through WeChat. She’s sent me videos of Mary at school, playing the piano, and playing with her younger sister. She sends me frequent audio of Mary saying “Good night” and “I am so happy to be your student.” She tells me about how wonderful it is to have found me in a pool of teachers, and I tell her the same about her and her Mary.

This is feedback from Mary that gets posted on my teacher profile page for all other families to see. PS She was only late by a minute or two.

I pray for the day I meet Mary in person.

Although I’m thankful to have met Mary and the many students like her, I won’t lie. There are MANY days I don’t want to get up and teach English. There are more days of not wanting to than days of wanting to. But, in the end, I get up, watch as my screen lights up and wait to teach a new generation of people on the other side of the world.

I know that if I hadn’t renewed my contract, my students would find another teacher just as good or better than me. The company would inactivate my account and move forward. Everything would go on.

Except me.

This is why I renewed my VIPKID contract. For world changers like Mary.

I don’t want to miss a second of her story, and, right now, I’ve got a front row seat.

Will you start your journey with VIPKID today and meet the many Marys who are waiting for you on the other side of the monitor? Use my code and fast track your application: YENIS0001

Let me know how it goes!

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