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Your friends will thank you!

Welcome back to another Travel Tip Tuesday! If you’re new, welcome! For 2019, I have decided to provide my readers and viewers with a tip a week in hopes that they and I can begin to overcome anxiety, specifically travel anxiety. It can be a hard thing to do, but, this week’s tip is a sure way to start chipping at our fear. This week we are going to list your fears.

There is something so powerful about writing down our thoughts. For me, I enjoy writing and communicating. However, I know not everyone is like me and, for you, it may be difficult to list your fears. It may feel draining and, quite honestly, make you feel super vulnerable. Just remember that there’s no judging – only growing.

Let’s list your fears. Write down anything and everything that scares you. If you’re like me and your list is long, then maybe just choose your top three fears.

  1. Fear of Unknown

As much as I research planes, I don’t understand them, and I don’t like relying on strangers like the Pilot and crew to have my best interest, as mentioned in last week’s Travel Tip Tuesday.

  1. Fear of Death

If this plane crashes, I’m done. I have so much life to live. It’s a dramatic thought, but, on the news, we never see how planes safely land and take off. We only ever see the negatives, even though, the positives outweigh all the bad.

  1. Fear of Being Forgotten

When I’m away from home, I don’t want people to forget about me… or worse, replace me. This is one that is probably attached to some deeply rooted history.

These very strong fears are my top 3. They’re pretty heavy and would need extra more time to unpack. You may need some time to think and figure out your fear. And that’s okay. It’s okay to move at a slow pace, as long as you’re moving forward. This listing step can feel scary in itself, but I do feel that when you list your fears, you force yourself to get eye level with them. It clears up space in your head; it feels like a mental purge. You’ve acknowledged that these things scare you and so, it makes sense that it is your first step. All I’m asking you to do this week is list your fears.

Although we are going to focus on perspectives next week, here’s a small way you can begin preparing for it. Writing your fears down may have been very difficult for you, so you can stop here if you want OR If you’re feeling up for it, think of a something you can do this week to start squashing your fears and start working toward a life of peace.  For me, I’m going to change my perspective in the way I see my fears.

For example, take my first fear – fear of the unknown. I’m going to think to last week and again answer why traveling is worth it. The people I meet while away, the memories I build with my spouse and family, and the opportunity to officially unplug from the daily grind all make getting away worth it. I just have to keep reminding myself of this. We’re going to talk more about perspectives next week.

Watch last week’s Travel Tip Tuesday!

Now it’s your turn. What are your fears? No judging. Only growing. Comment below.

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