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こんにちは, it’s great to have you back! If you’re new here, please subscribe to stay up to date on any Local Goes Global adventures, like the one we went on today! We were feeling a little travel hungry but didn’t want to travel far. In any case, we took this need for thrill and decided to visit the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens in Delray Beach, Florida, which is slightly north of Boca Raton, Florida. After living in Florida my entire life, I had no idea there was such a strong connection between South Florida and Japan! I’ll try not to bore you with the details that I find incredibly fascinating!

Are you still stuck on travel hungry? Is that a thing? I think I just made it up.

Long story short. The Yamato Colony, a Japanese community of agriculturists, followed Jo Sakai’s dream of growing and selling crops. Although they had support from the Model Land Company, their goals fell short and these farmers eventually moved to other U.S. states or back to Japan.

Enter George Sukeji Morikami. History tells us that George Morikami was the last of the settlers and, in order for the Yamato memory to live on, he gave the land to the county in hopes of building some sort of remembrance. The Morikami Park is born!

Isn’t history the greatest!? Now, onto more millennial stuff. 😀 Here are our favorite spots at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden!

Girl at Morikami Lake
The giant lake acts as a centerpiece for the Morikami garden, and it’s the first thing you see when you step outside.
Man on Bridge
We went counterclockwise and stopped at this stunning bridge. Be careful getting some of these shots. Make sure you are aware of any nearby gators, spiders, and snakes.
Smiling couple at morikami
As you continue on the trail, you’ll find some shady spots that are perfect for group shots!
Back of girl at Morikami
The sun is a beast in Florida; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. We were probably 15 minutes into our walking tour when we felt like we were battling heat exhaustion. Bring your own water or buy some at the store before your journey in the Morikami gift shop. There are no water stops!
Pretty girl on Bridge
This was, by far, the most spectacular bridge! We went on a Saturday morning, and there were only a handful of runners and guests, which made for this awesome shot! If you live nearby, you can actually purchase a membership to Morikami. This allows you to visit whenever you see fit! 
Romantic Couple at Morikami Lake
The water was murky which made it difficult to capture the friendly spotted fish and turtles. Guys, did I mention it was so hot?! Haha!
Morikami Trail with boy
These magical trees are perfect for sunny days and leisurely strolls. I kept envisioning the many stories that once cultivated land on the very place we stood. I thought about how, without George Morikami and his vision, we’d have none of this beautiful history to stroll through. Oh, the history! Pardon me, my dork-ness is showing.
Morikami Bench by Lake
As you approach the exit, there are perfectly placed benches lining the lake. They are just begging for an Instagram shout-out!

A special thanks to the Morikami Museum (where you cannot take pictures) and Japanese Gardens for hosting us! We had so much fun!


After our stroll, we stopped by Sushi Yami for some – you guessed it – SUSHI! We were so inspired by Morikami that we couldn’t bring ourselves to eat anything but Japanese cuisine!

Sushi Yami Menu

Josh ordered the Shrimp Tempura and I ordered the J.B. Golden. Guys, it’s amazing.

Shrimp Tempura on Plate JB Golden Sushi on Plate JB Golden Sushi

Let us know which Japanese inspired places you’ve visited in the comments. Thanks for stopping by!

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