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After a year of holding the title of Annual Pass holder at Universal Studios Orlando, it was time to cancel our passes and reflect on the amazing year it’s been. I’m not crying. You’re crying. In all honesty, visiting Universal Studios frequently was a major highlight of the year! We went so often that it became like a second home to us. It was very hard walking out of the park that last time knowing we wouldn’t be returning any time soon. The good news is that, in our year of being Pass holders, we got to explore the grounds and taste most (if not all) of the Universal Studios food, drinks, snacks, and desserts! Without further ado, here are our favorite Universal Studios food and drinks!!


Fishy Green Ale

This Harry Potter themed beverage is minty with bobas floating at the bottom. They burst in your mouth for a very magical experience! The Fishy Green Ale is a hit or miss. Either you like it or you don’t. Personally, I’m not a huge fan, but Josh absolutely loves this drink. Get yourself one and be your own judge of this unique Ale!


You can’t make a list of universal studios food or Harry Potter drinks and not include the classic Butterbeer. This sweet treat comes in three different ways: hot (only available a certain time of the year), regular, and frozen. All three are utterly delicious and un-shareable. Get your own!

Universal Studios Food Universal Studios Food

Fizzy Orange Juice

Universal Studios Food

In our video, we just can’t seem to remember the name of this one. I think it’s because we were too blown away by the look of it to even try to remember the name. Yeah, let’s go with that. We just have a terrible memory. There’s cinnamon sugar on the rim and the drink itself is made up of orange, cinnamon and vanilla.

Pumpkin Juice

You can’t miss this one with its very creative pumpkin screw-on/off the top. It tastes like apple cider. This one is super refreshing for those hot, summer days!

Universal Studios Food


Bumblebee Man Taco Truck

Every taco here is good, but we highly recommend the carne asada tacos and the Korean beef tacos. I will admit that the line is normally very long and, without an awning, you’ll be sweaty by the time your PIPING HOT tacos are ready! BUT if you’re willing to get a little gross for tacos (universal studios food), this is the place to do it!

Universal Studios Food

Krusty Burger

Josh dreams of this place. No, really. He dreams of these decadent burgers.

Universal Studios Food

He always orders the Krusty Burger and is absolutely in love with the cheese sauce and secret sauce combo, which he compares to a thousand island dressing. This dish comes with curly fries and plenty of napkins. This is not a “first date” approved universal studios food option; as in, do not order this if you’re wanting to “eat like a lady.” However, if you’re okay with looking like a savage beast eating universal studios food, we’ll save you a seat at our table.

Chicken and Waffle Sandwich

Universal Studios Food

It’s exactly what it sounds like. The fried chicken, tomato, lettuce, and a mayo/maple syrup sauce is sandwiched between two waffles. This popular universal studios food option comes with tater tots, instead of the traditional fries.  This is another one of those “messy eats.” So, grab a few napkins and thank the Lord for this heavenly meal!

Leaky Cauldron’s Cottage Pie

The beautifully presented cottage pie is like shepherd’s pie; it has meat and vegetables in a potato casing with a side salad. Although the meal itself is super small, the elaborate and authentic interior is what draws us to Diagon Alley for some universal studios food. As soon as you enter you will feel like you’ve been transported into the beloved Harry Potter series. The craftsmanship is unmatched to the rest of the park. Make this one a must, even if it is just to see the inside!

Universal Studios Food

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Lard Lad Donut

In The Simpson’s area, get a donut from Lard Lad Donuts! Although there are different ones to choose one, the iconic pink frosting with sprinkles is our favorite. We normally take it to go when we are heading back to our hotel/home. There have been many times that we’ve split our donut for breakfast the next morning. It is so good, guys. It really is SO good. Stop here for some kickin’ universal studios food.

Universal Studios Food

Universal Studios isn’t the only one with great Dessert options! Delray Beach, FL has some tasty treats!


Get these from any of the street carts. They are a bit expensive for the size, but they are so worth it! I could eat like 8 of these if I really wanted to! It’s so good! Josh and I normally just split one, because it’s an easy way to stay within the budget and use our money to try more sweets or universal studios food!

Universal Studios Food

Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor

There are so many flavors to choose from, but we recommend the apple crumble and Butterbeer (obviously!). The last time we were there, I asked for some hundreds and thousands (AKA sprinkles) and they told me they couldn’t mix their precious Butterbeer ice cream with ANY topping due to copyright infringement. WHAT? I suggest you order your hundreds and thousands in a separate cup and then pour it over your ice cream on your own. SHH… Nobody gotta know.

Universal Studios Food

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