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Here’s some quick info, but please do read over the packet above.

Feeding Cooper

His food is located either under the sink or under the coffee station. Please make sure he has clean water with every meal. He eats 3x/day, which equals to one scoop of food per meal. He needs to be let outside about 5 minutes after he eats and immediately after he naps. He is a good communicator and will get “jumpy” when he wants to eat or be let out. Cooper suffers from a sensitive tummy and CANNOT eat any human food. Lastly, he will vomit if he isn’t fed 3x/day.

Sleepy Cooper

Cooper sleeps in his crate but please keep the door open at all times. He has gotten too big and doesn’t like feeling restrained. If you decide you need to leave the house (and we do ask that you not stay out for more than 4-5 hours), please make sure that Cooper has been fed and led outside, so he may roam freely in the house. He should never be caged when you leave.

Playful Cooper

Again, he is a great communicator. If he gets hyper and won’t leave you alone, he’s telling you he’s hungry or needs to go outside. His toys stay inside ALWAYS. No matter how much he wants just a lick of what you’re eating, he may not have any human food, as he has a very sensitive tummy.

What NOT to do

Cooper is not to be taken anywhere, this includes being put in a car, walked in the neighborhood, etc.

He does not need to be given medication, a bath or any sort of grooming.

He is not allowed on the couch. Ever.

Cooper may not eat any human food.