Your friends will thank you! (11)


My name is Jenny, and I am a South Florida native. You read that right! I was born and raised in the same city, went to a university in my hometown, and, until I was married, lived in the same house my entire life.

Although my husband, Josh, and I have a lot in common, our thrill meters are very different.

He enjoys traveling and sometimes it seems he isn’t afraid of anything; whereas I have no sense of adventure. I’m terrified of the unknown, and because of it, I have missed out on friends getting married, graduations, holiday gatherings and reunions. Well, no more.

We took on this opportunity to shed light on how travel doesn’t have to be a daunting puzzle piece in our lives. We can win the battle against our fear with a few tricks and tips. We are your travel guides- two people with opposite perspectives on travel.

Local Goes Global is all about conquering travel anxiety fear and believing that we were all made for more than just our hometowns. Join me as this local goes global.